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What Is Dance/Movement Therapy?

Dance/movement therapy is a form of authentic communication based in the belief that the body, the mind and the spirit are interconnected. Dance/movement therapy involves a direct expression and experience of oneself through the body. It allows for individuals to embody their feelings and emotions so they can be expressed both verbally and physically. This integration achieves healing for the body, mind and sprit. Dance/movement therapy is defined by the American Dance Therapy Association as: "the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process that furthers the emotional, cognitive, social and physical integration of the individual."


Dance/Movement Therapy is rooted in the expressive nature of dance itself and had it's beginnings in the world of dance. DMT pioneers began as dancers and incorporated psychological theories into their work.

Early pioneers include: Marion Chace 1896-1970, Blanche Evan 1909-1982, Liljan Espenak, Mary Whitehouse 1911-1979, Trudi Schoop and Alma Hawkins 

For additional information see: Dance Movement Therapy:

A Healing Art by Fran Levy 

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I like to think of these therapies as additional tools to the traditional verbal therapies. Instead of only sitting and talking about your problems, feelings and experiences you can add the opportunity to get up and express them through dance, movement, and drama.

                                              -Angela Wiley



"The body remembers what the mind forgets"


Child in creative dance class




Dance/Movement Therapy Fact Sheet       


  • Dance/movement therapy emerged as a distinct profession in the 1940's.
  • The American Dance Therapy Association was formed in 1966. It maintains a code of ethics and has established standards for professional practice, education and training.
  • There are approximately 1203 dance/movement therapists in 46 states and 29 foreign countries.
  •    Dance/movement therapy is an effective treatment for people with developmental, medical, social, physical and psychological impairments.
  •  Dance/movement therapy is practiced in mental health rehabilitation, medical, educational, forensic, nursing homes, day care, disease prevention and health promotion programs.
  •  Dance/movement therapy is used with people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds in individual, couples, family, and group therapy formats.
  • Entry into the profession of dance/movement therapy is at the Master's level. The title "Registered-Dance Movement Therapist" (R-DMT) is granted to entry level dance/movement therapists who have a master's degree which includes 700 hundred hours of supervised clinical internship. The advanced level of registry, "Board Certified-Dance Movement Therapist", (BC-DMT) is awarded only after DMT's have completed 3,640 hours of supervised clinical work in an agency, institution or special school, with additional supervision from an BC-DMT.


Contact the American Dance Therapy Association for more information



Children dancing with a scarf and using a strechy body tube 


Learn how to communicate what is too deep, too fine for words.


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