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Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy

Mission/Vision Statement

Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy's mission is to be: culturally and linguistically aware in assessing, treating and educating the community on mental health through the use of Expressive Art Therapies.


Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy offers: mental health counseling, therapy, trauma recovery work, therapy treatment for substance abuse/addiction, therapy for children and families, dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, expressive art therapy, and licensed professional counseling supervision.
Angela has over 20 years of therapy experience helping those that have experienced trauma and addiction. She works with most mental health struggles and has found that trauma and addiction often accompany depression and anxiety. Angela is trained in several therapy techniques so that if trauma and/or addiction arise she can therapeutically help individuals cope using the expressive art therapies.


Angela has extensive experience working with children and families.


Now accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina insurance.


Also offering Biofeedback with the Wild Divine programs.

Angela provides therapy and counseling to children, teens, adults and families.

She is one of a few therapy practitioners specializing in therapy work with

young children (ages 2-6) that have experienced trauma and abuse.


Angela has extensive therapy and counseling training in helping those that have experienced sexual and physical abuse and domestic violence as well as helping those struggling with addiction.


Angela can help with Therapy and Counseling for:


  • Creative movement and therapy for young children ages 2-6
  • Therapy for children ages 2-18
  • Creative movement and therapy for individuals on the autism spectrum
  • Therapy for children, adults and families
  • Therapy for those that have experienced trauma related to physical, and sexual abuse
  • Therapy for substance abuse and addiction
  • Therapy to help with coping from stress and depression
  • Therapy to assist with stress in the family
  • Therapy to address anger problems
  • Therapy to change behavioral problems at home and school
  • Therapy to help children when they are "Acting Out"
  • Therapy to help adults and families cope with children "Acting Out"
  • Therapy to assist in coping with trauma associated with divorce or family adjustments
  • Therapy to address eating disorders
  • Therapy to work with developmental and physical limitations
  • Therapy to improve attachment problems
  • Therapy to assist in coping with new situations and change


Angela uses dance therapy and drama therapy in all of her work. In each therapy session individuals "move" instead of “sit” giving the individual the chance to express feelings and emotions with their body. Goals in therapy are tailored to each individual and include the opportunity to use dance therapy, drama therapy, addiction counseling, trauma work and verbal therapy to help children, teens, adults and families to foster increased body awareness, sense of self. Through the therapy experience individuals experience emotional healing of trauma and daily struggles.



Angela is currently accepting new referrals for individual and family counseling in the Greensboro, North Carolina area.


Angela uses the following theories and techniques:

Psychodynamic therapy,  Jungian, Role Theory, Gestalt Theory, Family Systems therapy and Trauma Focused Care therapy, Crisis Intervention and Motivational interviewing therapy.

Angela accepts most insurance including Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and offers a therapy fee sliding scale when needed.

Angela offers a free telephone consultation.

Due to COVID-19 Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy will be going to telemedicine via Zoom video chat. This policy will remain in effect until the North Carolina State of Emergency is declared over or when this policy is rescinded. Angela will offer in person therapy to children on a case by case basis and any fully vaccinated adult.


Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy will be using Zoom as the video platform. The HIPPA compliant version is not being used as the requirement to do so has been lifted during COVID-19. Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy is taking the following steps to insure your privacy with Zoom;

·All recording of sessions is disabled.

·No one will be allowed to join before the host instead there will be a "waiting room".

·Only authenticated users can join meetings.

·A new and different password will be required for each meeting.

·Encryption for 3rd Party Endpoints (H323/SIP) will be used.


With each session Greensboro Dance and Drama Therapy will need to verify your location (you can say "at home") and your identification (this can be done with allowing video). Telephone will be used as a back up if internet or device fails. In group sessions if internet or device issues arise you will be expected to leave the group and return when and if you are available. Angela or an assistant will follow up with you to provide support.


You are expected to:

  • Be in a confidential location (this is esp. important for groups).
  • You are encouraged to use ear buds if you are not the only person at home but are the only one in the session. In this case it is recommended that you be in a separate room or space where no one else can hear you.
  • Be in still location (not in a car, walking etc.)
  • Be fully clothed (PJ's are allowed)
  • Have appropriate participation; not engaging in distracting behaviors (jumping on the bed, eating, crafting, using your computer during the session(s), etc. Pets and young children are allowed to "crash" sessions.
  • For groups if there are multiple people at the same home in the group, each person needs to be on their own device. Family sessions can be on one shared device.


"The visual, creative and physical techniques of Angela's dance/drama therapy brought dimensions of color and insight to my otherwise flat black and white view of my situation. With Angela's qualified assistance, I squashed demons, lies and outmoded behaviors patterns that no longer belonged in the world of my newly liberated spirit. Her approach taught me tools and skills to easily use in my everyday life so I could further progress in my quest to live the genuine and authentic life I am entitled to live. It's not just about what is going on in the head, it's about me as a whole...and that includes a heart, body, and soul." -Adult Male


“Dance therapy provides a tangible connect between mind and body that enables those who practice it to find the true root of their problems and thus fix them beyond simply applying the "bandage" effect.” -Adult Female


“Dance Therapy has been a fun and effective method for my child to express her thoughts and feelings. She is always anxious to share what she has done and learned. My child has made efforts to put the things that she has been taught in her therapy sessions into practice.” -Parent


“Dance therapy supervision has been an eye opening experience for me! I never dreamed it would be so effective with patients but I am thankful I have had the opportunity to see how moving enables and facilitates communication and emotional exploration!”-DMT student


“I never knew how amazing DMT was until I met my DMT supervisor while obtaining my Master's program in counseling. She has dramatically opened my eyes, my heart and my spirit into this amazing world. I never imagined that I could experience such a beneficial therapy like DMT. I have witnessed the changes of how DMT can help a client can use their body and their body's movements as another form of expression when mentally they are unable to verbally clarify their state well-being (i.e. emotional, cognitively, physically, etc.). Interning as a DMT intern student has increased my excitement and eagerness on how much more I will learn and how I hope to one day make my mark as the next DMT generation in the future.”

-DMT student


Angela was amazing. She was free spirited and the experience was lovely. I enjoyed our sessions and still use the coping skills she gave me which help a lot.- Adult


Angela has helped me tremendously and I will continue seeing her. The methods she uses are extremely helpful and I'm excited to see more growth in myself using them.- Adult


Angela is truly gifted and skilled at her profession. She was a very bright light during a stormy and confusing time for me.- Adult


Movement was very helpful to me, especially when I was stuck emotionally- Adult


Angela cares for her clients and will go above and beyond to help them as appropriate-Parent


Angela's skills and insight coupled with her experience and techniques open a world of possibility to client for progress. -Parent


I think the active therapy was very helpful for the children as I do not see them being able to sit still and talk. It also provided ways for them to practice skills involving impulse control and interacting with others. - Parent


I thought I was coming to therapy, this can't be therapy it was too much fun!-Child


I like how Angela helps me talk to my mom, she makes things better- Child


Angela works well with all personalities involved in the treatment team, eagerly going above and beyond for the needs of the client-Case worker


"I found it helpful using dance and drama therapy because..."

 I have seen great progress with the parent/child since working with Angela.

It's more emotionally powerful and more fun.

It works! !

Kids can connect and learn to open with this method

Its more free spirited and helped me more than traditional methods

Movements seemed to take me out of a bad mental place and into a more positive frame of mind

Want to learn how to reconnect to your child? Want to have more play in your life and with your family. I can help! I specialize in helping parents learn how to positively shape their children's behaviors through the use of play.

Things can get better!

Call Angela.



Contact via email

Phone:   (336) 698-6723 

Mailing address:

5603 B West Friendly Ave Suite 103 Greensboro, NC 27410.


Office Hours:

By Appointment Only.


Delays and Closings follow the Guilford Co. School System.

2 hr delay = open at 10 AM.


Most urgent appointments can be accommodated within 48 hrs.

All emergencies call

911 or National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800 273-8255.

Use our contact form to inquire about any questions, comments, or concerns or if you wish to be added to our mailing list.  We will respond to you as soon as we can!

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