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Due to COVID-19 Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy will be going to telemedicine via Zoom video chat. This policy will remain in effect until the North Carolina State of Emergency is declared over or when this policy is rescinded.


Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy will be using Zoom as the video platform. The HIPPA compliant version is not being used as the requirement to do so has been lifted during COVID-19. Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy is taking the following steps to insure your privacy with Zoom;

·All recording of sessions is disabled.

·No one will be allowed to join before the host instead there will be a "waiting room".

·Only authenticated users can join meetings.

·A new and different password will be required for each meeting.

·Encryption for 3rd Party Endpoints (H323/SIP) will be used.


With each session Greensboro Dance and Drama Therapy will need to verify your location (you can say "at home") and your identification (this can be done with allowing video). Telephone will be used as a back up if internet or device fails. In group sessions if internet or device issues arise you will be expected to leave the group and return when and if you are available. Angela or an assistant will follow up with you to provide support.


You are expected to:

  • Be in a confidential location (this is esp. important for groups).
  • You are encouraged to use ear buds if you are not the only person at home but are the only one in the session. In this case it is recommended that you be in a separate room or space where no one else can hear you.
  • Be in still location (not in a car, walking etc.)
  • Be fully clothed (PJ's are allowed)
  • Have appropriate participation; not engaging in distracting behaviors (jumping on the bed, eating, crafting, using your computer during the session(s), etc. Pets and young children are allowed to "crash" sessions.
  • For groups if there are multiple people at the same home in the group, each person needs to be on their own device. Family sessions can be on one shared device.


During this time of COVID-19 Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy/Angela Wiley will be waving all co pays to help individuals and families receive services needed without worry about financial hardships. Also Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy/Angela Wiley will be offering crisis appointments each day Tuesday-Friday. All a current client needs to do is txt stating they need to meet and a time will be made available that day. Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy will follow regular policy regarding appointments for Saturday, Sunday and Monday and will not be available unless prior arrangements have been made in this event clients need to call 911 for emergency services.


COVID-19 Support for parents w/children at home.

Need help with your children at home all day? Are you struggling on what to do with boundaries, structure, limit setting and keeping the children active? Do you struggle with behavioral interventions with young children? Would you like to learn how to have a better more healthy relationship with the children in your life? Here you will learn simple behavioral modification tools. You will have the opportunity to role play various difficult situations and receive support. You will learn how to modify these tools to work with older children and children that have experienced trauma. Wednesdays 6-7 PM Via Zoom. Call to sign up.




Telemedicine Consent
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Want to learn how to reconnect to your child? Want to have more play in your life and with your family. I can help! I specialize in helping parents learn how to positively shape their children's behaviors through the use of play.

Things can get better!

Call Angela.



Contact via email

Phone:   (336) 698-6723 

Mailing address:

5603 B West Friendly Ave Suite 103 Greensboro, NC 27410.


Office Hours:

By Appointment Only.


Delays and Closings follow the Guilford Co. School System.

2 hr delay = open at 10 AM.


Most urgent appointments can be accommodated within 48 hrs.

All emergencies call

911 or National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800 273-8255.

Use our contact form to inquire about any questions, comments, or concerns or if you wish to be added to our mailing list.  We will respond to you as soon as we can!

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