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Introduction to Dance/Movement and Drama Therapy

Saturday 6/19/2021 10 AM-5 PM

with a .5 hour working lunch (lunch not provided)

Location: Zoom

$100 for 1 day (7 hrs),

(call for student/non CE hour rates)

Part 1 Introduction to Dance Therapy. Be introduced to Dance/Movement Therapy and learn about education and certification. An overview of the history of dance & Dance/Movement Therapy will be presented discussing Dance/Movement Therapy pioneers and theories. Participate in Dance/Movement Therapy warm ups and ice breakers that can be used in groups and in work with individuals. Experience Chace technique and other common dance therapy techniques and see how verbal therapists' can use these techniques in their counseling work. An introduction and experiential on authentic movement will also be presented. Certification with Dance/Movement Therapy is a extensive 3-5 year process occurs on the masters level, so participants will not become certified by attending this workshop but will instead learn how to use techniques of Dance/Movement Therapy and apply it to training already mastered as a licensed mental health professional.

Part 2 Introduction to Drama Therapy. Be introduced to Drama Therapy and learn what education and certification is available. A brief overview of the history of theater & the history of Drama Therapy will be discussed so that participants do not need to have a theater background to attend. In this workshop we will learn and experience how to use of the Imaginal Realm in drama therapy and in clinical work. Participants will be introduced and experience Drama Therapy techniques such as: role plays, play back theater, psychodrama, and bibliotherapy. An introduction to sand tray and Embodied Sand Tray work will also be presented. Certification with Drama Therapy is a extensive 3-8 year process that occurs on the masters level, so participants will not become certified by attending this workshop but will instead learn how to use techniques of Drama Therapy and apply it to training already mastered as a licensed mental health professional.

A Practical Approach to the KMP

(Non-verbal Assessment)

Saturday 8/7/2021 10 AM-5 PM

with a .5 hour working lunch (lunch not provided)

Location: Zoom

$100 for 1 day (7 hrs),

(call for student/non CE hour rates)

The Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP) was designed to systemize the mind body links that we all use in out daily lives and based on long term observations, single out key movement qualities and patterns which have the most psychological significance for describing, assessing and interpreting nonverbal behavior. Its structure and focus are based on the psychological profile developed by Anna Freud, with a strong emphasis on development. It's movement language is based on the Laban System of Movement Notation with modifications adaptive to it's psychological focus. The KMP's information about interpersonal psychological functioning is applicable to all age groups; some patterns may even be studied in the womb. In this workshop a "practical" approach will be presented that is designed for verbal therapists to use. This is a basic introduction to a very complex tool. Verbal therapist will leave with a beginning understanding of how to use this in their clinical work.

Experience an introduction to the KMP. Be introduced to the concepts of attuning and clashing and how this looks and feels in movement. Learn about shaping in planes, tension flow and efforts. These parts follow early childhood developmental patterns that can be seen in adulthood. Learn how to identify the patterns and make interventions to help children and adults achieve healing. Learn about the KMP rhythms and how they follow developmental frame works of Freud and Erickson. Music will be used to help participants actively experience each phase and learn how to use music to help utilize interventions and assessments in daily work. Topic area: Assessment.

Impulse Reduction with Trauma and Addiction Work

Sunday TBA, 2019 9 AM-5 PM

with a 1 hour working lunch (lunch not provided)

Location: 4112 Spring Garden Suite B Greensboro, NC 27404

$150 for 1 day (8 hrs),

(call for student/non CE hour rates)

Experience and learn a four-part Impulse Reduction Model developed by Angela Wiley and inspired by rhythms of the Kestenberg Movement Profile. This model brings a person through four phases: invitation, excitement, grounding/centering and reflection so as to bring excitement/stimulation and then teach how to ground and gain control. By experiencing these phases with movement, music, art, or verbal/cognitive thinking, one can realize and embody the possibility of choice to ground and gain control when overly stimulated or triggered. This is especially useful in working with trauma survivors, and those struggling with impulse control and with addictions. Angela uses this model in her work with drama, movement and music. The model also has applications in art, writing, traditional talk therapy and others, which will be experienced and discussed.

Because Angela is involved with the Carolina chapter of the ADTA she is offering a discount to chapter members. Tell her you are a chapter member when you call/email her to register.

Discounts=$10 off for Chapter members of the ADTA Carolina chapter

=$10/wks for those taking multiple workshops where Angela is the presenter

Expressive Art Therapy Groups

Sociodrama Group

Comming in January 2020

Tuesday evenings

               7-8 PM

4112 Spring Garden Suite B Greensboro, NC 27404

$20 to attend each group

1.5 hrs of NBCC contact hours are available

"Sociodrama has been defined as a deep action method dealing with intergroup relations and collective ideologies. The true subject of a sociodrama is the group. The concept underlying this approach is the recognition that man is a role player, that every individual is characterized by a certain range of roles which dominate his behavior and that every culture is characterized by a certain set of roles which it imposes with a varying degree of success upon its members." - J.L.Moreno

Sociodrama provides an action forum for resolving conflicts among people with different views. It is also effective in clarifying values, developing social skills, solving problems, diagnosing an organization, developing and rehearsing action plans or improving personal effectiveness and awareness. Sociodrama groups may take several approaches to working with their shared experiences. They may work on problem-solving, developing deeper understanding, making decisions or learning new roles. Come have fun, earn Ce's and learn something new.

Come prepared and dressed to move! Format will be all experiential!

Work shop is targeted to licensed mental health professionals



Come and Play

on Hold untill we can meet in person

Tuesday evenings

on the

2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month


6-7:30 PM

4112 Spring Garden Suite B Greensboro, NC 27404

$20 to attend each group

Ages 9-16

Come and Play is an exciting opportunity for children ages 9-16 to work on social skills. Guided by Angela attendees will interact with peers, learn and enhance critical social skills, practice sharing and learn to work as a team… all while using dance and drama to have FUN!!!

Do you know of someone who could benefit from safe structured play that incorporates:

      Theater Games            Fun

      Social Skills                    Sharing

      Communication               Reflecting

      Turn Taking                  Hula Hoops

      Team work                    Laughter

      Conflict resolution           Drawing

      Dance                            Action Games

     Positive peer to peer interactions


Please note that while Angela Wiley will utilize therapeutic tools/themes during groups, the groups themselves are not intended to be a therapy sessions.


Children enter the classroom with diverse upbringings, but they all face the same challenge: moving from the safety of home into the greater world.

Through the consistent, harmonious activities of Rainbowdance, we support the development of resilient, happy children.Rainbowdance Basic
The basic model of our program works to
build social empathy, self-confidence and
self-regulation, using music, movement
and storytelling. Rainbowdance is
adaptable for children ages 1-5 as well as
children with special needs and behavioral
challenges. Developed by Dicki Johnson Macy at Boston Children's Foundation. Rainbowdance is now avaible in Greensboro, NC with Angela Wiley.


In Rainbowdance, children will experience:
1. Peer and Parent Support
2. Creative Expression
3. Self-regulation
4. Increased confidence


Transition to Kindergarten
The child who has developed self-esteem
and confidence is prepared to confront
social challenges with curiosity and
courage. Studies show that social and
emotional health at the preschool level
increases children’s readiness for
kindergarten. If they feel regulated,
confident and empathic towards others,
they will be successful in a formal school
environment. In this model we expand the
repertoire, increasing its sophistication to
mirror the challenges children will face in
the formal school environment.

Rainbowdance is also for grown ups!!!

New Group Tues evenings 6:30-7 PM

Concepts will be adapted for adults and offer a relaxing way to ground and let go of stress.

Go to Rainbowdance main web site for Boston's Childrens Foundation.

Angela Wiley, MA, LPC, LCMHC, LCMHCS, LCAS, CCS, NCC, BC-DMT, RDT/BCT, CTTS holds current certifications as a dance therapist and as a drama therapist and state license as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and a Licensed Addictions Specialist. Angela specializes in working with victims of abuse, people with developmental and physical limitations, and individuals struggling with eating disorders and substance abuse. She has a private practice in Greensboro, NC   

Angela Wiley-Greensboro Dance and Drama Therapy has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider; ACEP no. 6714. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Angela Wiley-Greensboro Dance and Drama Therapy is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs. You can contact Angela Wiley at 5603 B West Friendly Ave #103 Greensboro, NC 27410, (336) 698-6723,,

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Learn how to communicate what is too deep, too fine for words.

Want to learn how to reconnect to your child? Want to have more play in your life and with your family. I can help! I specialize in helping parents learn how to positively shape their children's behaviors through the use of play.

Things can get better!

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