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Why choose Dance/Movement Therapy or Drama Therapy?

Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy

What is Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy?

Why choose Dance/Movement Therapy or Drama Therapy?


These therapies work in the experiential modalities of expressive art therapy that focuses upon enhancing the connection between the mind and the body. Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy foster growth by expanding movement repertoires and by encouraging individuals to within a therapy setting practice movements and role playing that allows for healing and growth on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 


Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy can make the difference between resistance and relationship in the therapy setting by creating non-threatening group and individual therapy exploration of feelings and therapeutic issues, such as self-esteem or personal insight.


I like to think of Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy as additional tools to the traditional verbal therapies. Instead of only sitting and talking about your problems, feelings and experiences you can add the opportunity to get up and use therapy to express them through dance, movement, and drama. For example: Showing/expressing anger in your body is much more powerful than sitting still and talking about it.


When feelings and emotions are expressed through the body and mind then total, integrated therapeutic healing can take place. Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy allow for this integration in an active and often fun manner.

Who Can Benefit From

Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy?

Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy can be beneficial to everyone and all ages. Populations may include physical and sexual abuse survivors, people recovering from substance abuse, the developmentally and physically disabled, at-risk youth, dysfunction families, prison inmates and the general public. Experiences occur in and outside of therapy settings.


Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy can make a difference for people with...

With Alzheimer's Disease
In therapy experiences from the person's past are selected to trigger short and long term memory, decrease agitation, and enhance reality orientation.
With Chronic Illness
In therapy experiences distract people from pain and facilitate needed relaxation.
With Head Injuries
In therapy experiences encourage self-expression, communication and socialization, and to facilitate cognitive retraining.
With Substance Abuse Problems
In therapy the difference between denial and determination is made, experimental techniques confront the client's barriers to the recovery process.
With Developmental Disabilities
In therapy sessions are structured to teach cognitive, motor, and daily living skills and provide the opportunity to experience success.
With Physical Disabilities
In therapy experiences promote rehabilitative goals and to increase motivation and success.
Cutting-edge applications of Creative Arts Therapies are being used to address the most complex societal issues. Issues being addressed are those that have been identified as key federal initiatives by the President and Cabinet officials.
For example:

  • School Violence Prevention and Intervention
  • Alzheimer's Disease Treatment
  • Campaign Against Suicide
  • Domestic Violence Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Health Prevention and Promotion
  • Breast Cancer Treatment


Where can I find Dance and Drama Therapy?

Angela Wiley currently offers Dance/Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy in her work at her private practice, Greensboro Dance & Drama Therapy in Greensboro, North Carolina.
 Angela is currently the South Carolina contact for the American Dance Therapy Association and is one of a few Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapists in the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. Angela is one of two Board Certified Trainers for Drama Therapy in the state of North Carolina. Angela is also the North American Drama Therapy Association East Coast Representative.

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